Episode #52: 3 things guys say about women’s football

1. It’s humorous
2. it’s fascinating
3. It’s unpredictable

A man’s outlook on women’s football is obviously important because they apparently think they own the whole sport. But I, as well as others, beg to differ. Football is as much a female sport as it is a male sport. We play with heart and passion and continue to love the game for little or no money, which should be appreciated.

In this video I talked to a futsal player, Mateo Tipuric, who’s opinion that women’s football is hysterical was thankfully changed after he was forced to engage with them in training. Then, I also talked to the only futsal coach in Croatia who has been consistently coaching women for years and asked him what are the difficulties he finds in coaching girls as opposed to guys.

One thing is for sure, I know that women’s football is a lottery I would buy in to!