Episode #68: Training with the champions of the Slovene women’s soccer league

Znk Pomurje – Beltinci is a team that has literally build its success from the bottom up. The club members, parents, staff and players all do their best to follow the best interest of the club and help women’s soccer progress is our Balkan region.
Beltinci is a very small town in Slovenia that is close to its Croatian borderline, and although the population is small, their women’s soccer team is big, and also the best in the country for five years running.Their success in Uefa Women’s Champion’s League competition is a bit less impressive, but nonetheless impressive, because they have been very close to passing the first round to get into the top 32 best teams in Europe, missing it my a hair, but fighting back each year to go further and further.One commendable aspect that I adore about my club team, is that they invest their time and money into younger generations, and that is something that I feel is missing for women’s soccer in a lot of areas, but especially in the Balkans and especially in Croatia. I wouldn’t change ZNK Pomurje – Bletinci for the world.
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