Episode #1: Let me introduce myself

Hi, My name is Helenna Hercigonja-Moulton, it’s a long name. I know.

The Hercigonja part come from my mom who is Croatian and the Moulton comes from my Jamaican dad. I also have a middle name, Louise, but that one gets disregarded more often then not because it’s a mouthful to present myself as Helenna Hercigonja-Moulton already.

Even when I was younger I had a hard time learning how to write my own name, in a classroom with kids like “Johnny O’Niel” “Spencer Dove” or “Addison Oliver” and then me with my long Croatian-Jamaican name was much harder in comparison.

People had funny ways of saying it as well, from “Helna”, “hell-naw”, “Heleena”, and “Elena” (mostly in Miami) to “HerciGANJA” “Cigo” “Hele” and my personal family favorite “helly”. Not to forget “Helga” and “30 letters” which was a nickname I got at a soccer camp at Florida State University because the coach was fascinated with the fact that my name had a full 30 letters all together.

I remember a time when I thought you couldn’t make a good nickname with my name but in the end I got more than I bargained for.


  • Ryan Chin Hing says:

    I remember when we were little trying to figure out a nickname…lol. Hope you’re having fun! :)

  • Kelly Kavanaugh says:

    So happy for you that you’re doing what you love.

  • Helenna Hercigonja-Moulton says:

    Yea Ryan i didnt have nearly as many then as i do now, other than Helly and my moms croatian nicknames for me like sunac, buga and kuki…but those i keep more private :P

    Thank you Kelly! I hope your doing well!

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