Episode #10: Coffee, bathroom, roommate, in that order

When I first got to Croatia and realized how much people here drink coffee I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to jump right into all of their traditions, because just as much as it is a European thing to drink coffee, it is also a European thing to smoke cigarettes.

I really  don’t like cigarettes because they make my clothes and my hair smell and I just find them gross and unattractive. Anyways, after a year I was drinking coffee just like a Croatian: several times a day.
I went from no coffee, to every once in a while, to once a day, to three times a day, and now I’ve gone back to once a day because I heard that coffee stains our teeth. I realized the secret in coffee…it’s the perfect morning laxative.
Get up, make coffee (clean the dishes while the water boils if necessary) and then use the shitter and clear space for some breakfast.


My roommate on the other hand, a 26 year old guy from Poland, has a bit of a different schedule.
He goes to sleep much later than I do and then wakes up much later than I do as well, and when he gets up he goes straight to the bathroom after I’ve already unleashed. I might as well openly talk about this because all of us do it so why not get a laugh out of it.

It was a spontaneous move to jump into an apartment with a practical stranger at the time due to the circumstances, but so far it’s been one of the best moves I’ve made because I couldn’t ask for a better roommate…and its much easier to live with a guy than with girls I find as well.