Episode #12: Blind as a bat

I have an optical prescription of -2.5 in one eye and -2.75 in the other.

Although that doesn’t seem like very much, and I know of a lot of people who have it worse than I do, it still means that without contacts or glasses I really can’t see anything clearly.

I can’t read street signs unless I’m within a few feet of them, or anything that is practically out of arms reach is out of my field of clear vision as well.

I have had situations in games where my contacts have fallen out, or just one of them, or I have had to actually play or practice without contacts at all and then I give everyone at training a heads up so they know that I actually cant see.
I have to wear contacts when I play or I can’t tell the ball from the grass practically – if it’s a white ball and light grass I see it all as one.
I also can’t tell who my teammates are because everything is blurry, and if I do manage to figure that out then I can’t see their eyes or facial expressions which means that I can’t communicate with my teammates properly. Or if they ball is in the air…forget it, by the time I can see it well enough to adjust my body it’s so close that I can’t really do anything except try and hit it somewhere, controlling it is out of the question.

But it’s a good challenge to see how much I actually rely on pure vision in the game instead of using all of the other senses as well.
A good exercise for that would stand on one leg balancing yourself and then close your eyes and see how much easier it is to lose your balance even with nothing or no one around you.

I’ve thought about laser eye surgery to get rid of the hassle of wearing contacts, but I’m also scared of the thought of lasers skimming my eyes and possibly blinding me completely…forever.
So for now I struggle with my bad vision but at the same time use it to get another perspective of the words from a less visual and more sensual aspect.