Episode #14: And then opportunity came knocking

I was sitting at home on the couch in Miami mentally struggling over the fact that I had just missed the opportunity to play Champions League in Europe by coming to the US and I had the feeling that I was letting opportunities pass right by me and I didn’t want all of my chances to run out.

It was time to stop sobbing about the fact that I was absent from champion’s league and get my lazy ass off the coach and do something about it, so I started contacting random teams and coaches by email asking for tryouts.

Over the years I have learned that most of the time good chances don’t just get handed to you on a silver platter; you have to throw yourself out there,  work hard and show that your capable before you can expect others to want to help you. Help yourself first.

I sent out approximately 100 emails contacting coaches in different countries and different leagues asking if they would be interested in a player like me because I am ready to leave Croatia and move on to a different soccer environment.
After a few failed responses my luck turned a new leaf when I got a reply from a coach that was in Glasgow at the time telling me that he would help me find a team.

He had helped several girls from Croatia already who were looking for teams abroad and he set up a tryout right away for me in Berlin in the second Bundesliga.

This was my first big shot because Germany has one of the best women’s soccer leagues in the world.