Episode #15: First tryout = check

I bought a plane ticket and a week after I returned to Croatia from Miami I was already in Berlin.

Even though I knew that I still had another year left of college before I would graduate, get my bachelors and be able to leave Croatia,  the point of going to Berlin now was to see where I stood and compare myself with the girls and teams that I want to play with in the future.

The trainings were indeed harder than what I was used to in Croatia but nothing I wasnt familiar with and while I was in Miami over the summer I was doing my best to stay in shape so that I wouldn’ t come to Germany unprepared as well.


In the first training while the rest of the team was warming up the coach called me over and put me head to head with one of their players in a little 1v1 game. Challenging.
This was obviously just to see how I matched up with the rest of their girls and I did rather well.
In the trainings we would warm up and play short cited games, we also did fitness and ran suicides at the end of training and did tactical work as well.


At the end of the trial the coach seemed pretty happy with me and interested in making a plan for when I finished school in Croatia to be able to come back.
All in all this was a big success for  me because even though there were girls in Berlin that were better than me, but I also seemed to fit in and I was actually playing really well which boosted my confidence.

This meant that my ambition to make myself more options was successfull because if anything happened I now knew that I would have a place to go in a year.