Episode #21: Invitation for players to tell their story

Invitation for players to tell their story

Every soccer player has a story. I have been telling you mine, from my tomboy days in north Carolina to playing with guys in the streets of Croatia and now  to my most recent own goal debut with the National team.

I want to know more about your stories. Even if they are not soccer related, or related to any sport as a matter of fact.

Have you ever wanted to play professionally? Or been to Europe?  Or America?
Where do you live, or play, or where have you lived and played before?
I want to know what it’s like where you are, maybe compared to where i am as well.

Whats it like for girls who play soccer in China, or Japan?

Have you ever had one of your contact lenses fall out of your eye in a game? Or been discouraged from playing because of coaches or a style of play?

Have you ever had a crush on a coach or been coached by your significant other? Or do all of the guys shy away from your busy schedule and cant keep up.

Have you ever scored an own goal, or two, or almost three?

Have any of the girls ever tried to pee standing up or am i completely alone on that one?

Have you ever had people comment on you while you play, or discourage you from playing rather than encouraging you?

Do you have trouble balancing school and sport like i do with university and soccer. Or have you ever played futsal?

In this blog I will tell you about all of my experiences from across the world, some that are fulfilling and others more depressing, and how I have dealt with trying to balance my studies, playing soccer at a club and national team level plus futsal and individual gym sessions, differences in people, cuisine and also cultural shocks between the US and Europe.

Every soccer player has a story, every athlete has a story. Comment, message, skype. Tell me yours, I’m all ears.