Episode #22: Croatia 3 – 0 Slovenia, a feeling of euphoria

About half way into the qualifying matches for the Women’s World Cup in Canada 2015, we were at the bottom of our group with only 1 point that we got from a tie game with Ireland. But now, we earned another three points bringing ourselves up to fourth place out of six: Germany, Ireland, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia (in that order).

The last few games we played with Slovenia were all very close, meaning that we were practically evenly matched up. The last time we played them they won 1-0, the time before that they won 2-0, and in the last round of qualifiers for the European Cup championship we played them and tied 3-3. So I guess we came out in this game with a bit more of an incentive to show that we can finally beat them and they might have come out thinking that they were going to easily beat us because they did that in the last two matches.¸

The whistle blew and we went off. We dominated the first 20 minutes of the game, scoring the first goal in the 7th minute, the second goal in the 10th and the third one off of a penalty in the 17th minute. After gaining such an early lead, we were absolutely ecstatic, maybe even unable to keep focus completely because we couldn’t believe what was happening. Winning a game in this manner isn’t something we have really done consistently.

I, for one, haven’t scored an official goal for the national team at all up until now. The last two times my name was jotted down it was for own goals and not real goals. So being the first one to start this trend in the game of us scoring, and me scoring the first goal in the 7th minute, is a feeling that is really hard to even describe on paper…the only word that comes to mind is just euphoria.

I scored a header off of a corner kick. I have been told that I play really well with my head so I go up on attacking corners to try and score every time. Realistically though I never score, because I am so used to defending with my head that my attacking headers go too long or I miss the goal or I even had a theory that I was closing my eyes too early because a few times I would jump up and miss the ball completely even though it was right in front of me. But for this game, luck was on my side, and on our side as a team, and we finished these few opportunities we had: 3 corner kicks in the whole game, 2 of them were goals, and then a penalty kick.

After all of this, as I said in the video, someone decided that we should take a picture with bananas because of the Danny Alves incident when a fan threw a banana on the field in a Barcelona game and he took a bite out of it. Now we wanted to contribute to that and put a picture on Facebook with bananas as well, and I honestly don’t understand what was going through my mind at this point, probably still that euphoria, and it came out like this:


A golden rule that I learned the hard way: If you have to take a picture with a banana, just don’t put it in your mouth at all.