Episode #25: Netherlands – Suits – Paris


I pulled myself together and finished all of those stupid tests that i had to on time.

And then went to the Netherlands without a care in the world (except the fact that i had to be prepared for the Czech Republic so I had to go to the gym and train)…so basically not having a care in the world is very rare for me actually.

With all of this time i wasn’t even sure what to do with i ended up watching every episode of Suits… 3 seasons in a week. It was the first time I had actually ever watched a full series let alone in such a short period of time. I was obsessed. I would wake up in the morning, go to the gym, watch suits, make some lunch, watch suits, drink some Jamaican rum, keep watching suits, maybe go to the gym again, and at night before sleep… watch suits.

The best part was on the third day when my friend Bart said, oh btw, as your birthday and Christmas present…were going to Paris! WHAT. We took the car and drove 4 hours to Paris and stayed there for the weekend, Friday to Sunday.

Oh and I watched suits while we were there too, and in the car when i wasn’t driving as well.

But Paris was absolutely amazing, other than the fact that no one wanted to speak any English and none of the menus were translated so i actually had very little idea of what I was ordering most of the time, but when we went to dinner we would get a bottle of wine and usually feel a little buzz by the end of the meal.


Although it is hard to see all of Paris in 2 days, and we spent a lot of time walking up and down looking for things and in the subway system going from place to place, my favorite parts were just people watching actually. Which was when we noticed these guys in sleeping bags on the corner of a main street, it was like an afternoon show.




Oh and then we almost got mugged, and we were conned for 10 euros. But i guess that’s all part of the experience.