Episode #26: The Czech Republic

Now that the fun and games are done, back to business. I had an important tryout in the Czech Republic before going back to Croatia again.

When I got to Prague, the first training was a fitness training (of course) and I died. I hadn’t had that kind of training in a long time, a full 2 hours of sprints and ball work and 2v2s/3v3s… I was even more nervous now because I wanted to show myself but I could see that I was just keeping up. This was not going to be good, I was sore from the first training and I still had 3 days left.  The following training’s were easier, but I had at least one embarrassing moment in each training from nervousness. In the first one I slipped on concrete and fell on my butt…everyone saw and laughed. The second training I did the classic punch with left toe and swing with right foot and fall on my back. I think it was obvious that I was trying too hard.

Remember back to when I mentioned the game with Ireland and fearing that something will happen so much that you make it happen? Out of fear of not doing well I fell and embarrassed myself in training twice. But I guess if I made the all laugh it couldn’t have been that bad.

At the end of the tryout they told me that I showed good qualities but also some not so good ones. The invited me to their preseason in the spring to be in Prague for a month, which is good. I’m happy with that J

This was definitely a few levels higher then where I have been playing in the last 3 years, which excites me because I want to get better but also scares me because I need to train harder and prepare for their preseason!