Episode #27: Traveling for Christmas

I do a lot of travelling, could even call myself a world traveler. But this past Christmas was probably one of the worst travelling experiences I have ever gone through while travelling by myself. Other than the first time I came to Croatia alone and my flight was late and I called my mom crying from the airport that I would have to stay there all day, and I was stuck at the airport for 6 hours waiting for the next flight.

This winter I could already tell that it was going to be bad because I only really had about 2 weeks for one, which is little for such a far distance, and the when I got my ticket I could see that I had two layovers. Normally I would have only two, one in Germany or somewhere in Europe and then final destination in Miami. But this time I had two, the first one in Germany and the second in North Carolina and then last stop in Miami.

The 6 hour time difference really kills me though because by the time I get to my layover destination where I have to wait I’m already tired and ready to sleep. So When I got to North Carolina and had to wait 3 hours I was ready to fall asleep but still had to wait for one more flight.

The way back was horrific though because there had just been a fair amount of really bad weather and I was travelling right through it. I asked them before leaving Miami if I was going to make my flight and the guys there were sure but with a 2 hour layover and a delayed flight already. On the news they were already saying that flights were being cancelled out of new jersey and I was scared that I was going to end up staying there overnight.

All of my fears almost came true because my flight was late and I barely made the next one to fly Germany and I had to literally run from one end of the airport to another. If  I wasn’t an athlete I don’t know how I would have made it.

And then they even lost my bags in Germany as well. This was murphy’s law, everything that can go wrong will go wrong.