Episode #28: Crying Syndrome part 1

All the girls out there know that when we get our periods, and I’m going to say all of this very openly, we get emotional and sometimes cry for absolutely no reason, even with the smallest trigger we can just ball. My first year in Croatia by myself I cried once a month, every time I was getting my period I all of a sudden missed home more than usual and started crying. Even on my birthday when all of my family was calling me, I just had to get my period that day and every time I would start crying on the phone. It was kind of funny actually.

But once or twice that crying has actually saved me in a situation.

When I was about 10 years old travelling with my mom through italy by train we caught ourselves in a situation where the train that we had to board was full and we had no reservations on our tickets because we probably bought them too early to get a reservation. So in a hurry because there was no other train until the next day and we had nowhere to stay in this city in Italy my mom and I went up to the only conductor by the train and in her broken Italian asked if he could somehow let us on because we had no other options. I didn’t even understand Italian but by his body language and expressions I could somehow tell that he was reluctant to give us a chance and I think I looked at him to get his attention and when he looked at me I started crying. Like balling. Because I was worried I guess I’m not even sure anymore what the trigger was. But it made him feel bad for us it seems because right after that he found a way to get us one vacant bed on this overnight train so my mom and I squeezed into a size smaller than a single bed. And my crying saved the day and part of our whole trip.