Episode #29: Crying Syndrome part 2

Another more recent incident was at my University.

The college system is a lot different here in Croatia than in the USA, not only when it comes to the schedule all year around because the breaks are different but also the testing, exams, and the relationship that students have with their professors.

So after an exam last year that I didn’t do very well on I went to the teacher to see if she could show me where I went wrong on the exam. I was obviously coming close to getting my period because within a matter of seconds when she looked at me (out of embarrassment for the failed exam) I started crying.

I couldn’t even tell her where I was from after she quickly realized that I was the only foreign student from America. She held my hands and told me not to cry and tried to calm me down but I just couldn’t stop. And out of sympathy she helped me through the questions in the test asking them again to see if maybe I didn’t understand them (because they are in Croatian and I get easily confused) and was very kind and gentle to this sad, sobbing student who for no apparent reason couldn’t stop crying.

What a fantastic teacher, because then afterwards from embarrassment and even some joy, I almost started crying again.

I was totally dumbfounded and didn’t realize why it was that i was crying so much, but a few hours later i got my period and things made more sense then.

This was the second and so far last time that i have cried my way into a positive outcome because of female hormones or my menstrual cycle.