Episode #3: World-Wide like Pitbull from day 1.

In 18 years I lived in three different countries and 3 different states within the USA.

Not because my dad was in the army or we were running away from the government or anything like that, it was just how things panned out.
I was born in California, and then we moved to Jamaica when I was like 1.

When I had to start elementary school we moved to North Carolina where my dad finished his Masters degree as well, and then recession hit and circumstances took up to Florida where I finished middle school.

Then even worse circumstances hit and jobs were limited so My dad and I ended up in Ottawa, Canada for a year and my mom stayed in Florida. That situation turned around just as fast and we both went back down to Miami which is where I then finished high school before I decided to come to Croatia.

The only consistent thing I had through all of these years was soccer.
I changed schools, environments, friends, countries, cities, everything…but I always played soccer.

In North Carolina when I started playing for a team called the Chasers I was the leading attacker and, not to toot my own horn, I remember kinda being the star of the team, but that ego was quickly torn to shreds when I went to Miami and started playing with girls much older and bigger than me and got put in defense for a club called South Kendall Soccer where i couldn’t score a goal anymore if my life depended on it.
From there I switched to a club called West Kendall which was probably the best decision my parents ever made for me.

I have 3 best friends, and all of them came from that team.
The most fun I ever had playing soccer, all the tournaments and travelling and missing school activities and spending new years together 3 years in a row in Disney and laughter and parties and …just good times, the 6 years I spent with Kendall are still to this day the best years of soccer I ever experienced. And also the time period where I learned the most thanks to the coach we had.
Although I had a year of kendall hiatus while I was in Canada I played there as well for a team called the Nepean Hotspurs.
The girls were all older than I was and I don’t remember much about the league but I remember we played indoors a lot because the winter was absolutely horrible, 2 weeks of -40 degree celsius… my god…I hope I never have to go through something like that again…

I was happiest when I returned to Kendall.
Back with my friends, under the hot Miami sun, and in a few years I was ready for the next step.

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  • mitchell jones says:

    lol ya I went away from nepean for a while and when I got back you were gone. when it comes to our weather, you wouldn’t have hated it so much the years after. two words, climate change. we may have a bad winter this year though, and there was that ice storm last year. a year or two ago we only had winter late November, and I swear it only snowed for two weeks otherwise it was warm and rain. I’m watching all your vids, really interesting :P. I laughed so imagining the peeing standing up XD. other than that how are thing with you?

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