Episode #30: Luka’s butt

I have mentioned that I train with a personal trainer and he has me do a lot of exercises for the hips because my hip flexors are shortened, meaning that they are not very flexible and then pull and strain my back muscles which are then weak and cause me pain.

This is a problem which takes a lot of constant exercising and time to fix, which is why I have him to help me with that. It is a funny friendship because he is my trainer so I respect and listen to him but he is also not that much older than I am, only a few years, and we’re actually friends outside of training as well.

Obviously I notice some things about him just because I see him every week, like the fact that he often wears the same blue sweatpants for training. The awkward part is that he looks good in sweats because he has rotund buttocks (my apologies to his girlfriend if she sees this, but I’m sure she knows that her boyfriend has a good butt).

The funniest instance in training one day (which he does not know about so he is about to find out with this video) was when he was showing me this squatting exercise I caught myself looking at his butt in those blue sweatpants instead of paying attention to how he was demonstrating the exercise. And then he asked me if I understood what i was supposed to do and I quickly responded…”uhh yea mhhmm”…although i was not paying thorough attention.

It wasn’t just once actually, a few times he would show my exercises and I would catch myself looking at the wrong thing. But I guess that’s the price a pay for having a young, good looking trainer, but needless to say it does not affect the quality of our trainings!