Episode #32: Studying

noun. a medical issue that occurs when one becomes a senior, this is usually caused by a lot of stress put on a student in the freshman, sophomore, and junior years, this bug causes major laziness and is a cause for many lazy students who just want to get out of there.

The best description for the last couple of weeks for me would be: a big case of senioritis.

I have come down to my last semester of college in Croatia to get my bachelor’s degree. Only one more class to get out of the way but I have a problem because I have two games with the national team, one in Ireland and another in Slovakia, but at the same time I need to be in Zagreb to finish school. This problem has been evident all throughout college for me, but in this last stretch, this ending, I have become so much lazier when it comes to doing school work and organizing myself. So now I have to talk to my teachers and send e-mails from Ireland and Slovakia asking for their help and understanding so that I can re-take exams that I am missing. Such a pain.

But everyone in college and those who finished high school can relate to senioritis: that feeling when you have just had enough and need a break.
And when this feeling hits, I would literally do anything else in the world except sit down for 2 hours and just get the studying out of the way. I’ll make coffee, slowly drink the coffee, then decide I need some juice, then decide I want some food, and then I have to make the food, all of this takes like half an hour in regular time but when I’m studying I prolong it to take about 2-3 hours at the least.

After ridiculous amounts of procrastination I finally sit at my desk and bring out the papers that I had skimmed over a few times in passing already just to make sure that they were all there and that I really had to read all of that, and I think to myself, “Alright, I am ready to start.”

That feeling doesn’t last very long, maybe 20 minutes to half an hour, because then I start to feel cramped up, and decide to do some push-ups to work out some of those cramped up muscles, but then I might sweat so I go shower…and the whole things starts all over again.

If this cycle continues for about 3 days I might actually learn something.
Otherwise, crunch time more often than not just turns into snack time J