Episode #33: Drinking

And after a short summer brake I’m back with a perfect (vacation) theme.

There are a lot of differences in culture between the United States and Europe, and one of them is even apparent in the consumption of alcohol. I left the United states at 18 and was then already legal to drink in Europe, and now i have turned 21 and can legally drink in the US as well. However, I don’t want anyone thinking that i am a heavy drinker, because after all I am an athlete, but here are just some differences i have noticed.

In Europe they drink a lot of wine, red and white, and even have mixtures like red wine with coca-cola which Croatians call “bambus”, or white wine and mineral water which is called “gemist”. In the US though people don’t really have that background, because most people don’t have their own vineyards or live in the hills where there is home-made wine always available. So they drink a lot more of the industry beers and hard liquors.

People also play games in the US like beer pong, fuck you pyramid (that is actually the name of the game), chandelier, flip cup, and king’s cup. Most of these games include a ping pong ball, plastic cups and a table, and king’s cup is the only game I’ve played in Europe that people here know about. But a big difference is that Americans usually get ridiculously drunk at parties and go overboard, whereas Croatians are used to drinking from early ages because culturally wine can be casually consumed with lunch or dinner, and therefore they don’t tend to overdue it as much. Of course there are always the people who just want to get drunk, wherever you go, but as a young population I’ve noticed that Americans tend to stretch those limits more often at house parties and mansion pool parties.

I had my first glass of wine when I was 12. My mom’s cousin decided that I was at the perfect age for him to introduce me to wine. Although at the moment I had no clue what I was drinking nor did I really care, I think that most Europeans get slowly introduced to alcohol in the same way and that keeps them from getting smashed at every party and every opportunity to drink. In the US, however, alcohol is forbidden until the age of 21 which is not the case anywhere else except in America, and it is much harder for underage kids to get their hands on it…but when they do…they go crazy and drink themselves to alcohol poisoning.

I have to admit that the drinking games are a lot of fun though, until someone mixes too much and ends up throwing up, which is usually what happens…