Episode #35: Jamaica

When I explain to people that my mom is Croatian and my dad is Jamaican and now I have come to live in Europe, they often ask me why didn’t I go to live in Jamaica.

Unfortunately most people have a very narrow image of Jamaica which is mostly fed by movies such as Cool Runnings and the Jamaican bobsled team. But in reality Jamaica is a country that i love with all of my heart but would have trouble living in for several reasons.

Jamaica is a beautiful country, full of extravagant wildlife, mountains, vivid beaches, rivers, happy people and fantastic food. The problem is that Jamaica is an island that gained it independence about 50 years ago and has remained almost all of that time a poor country.
So a large amount of the people in Jamaica tend to commit crimes, steal, and sometimes decide to kill in order to live.
There is a lot of violence and that makes it a very dangerous country if you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
So it is actually not the most comfortable place to live for a long period of time.
When you have to have bars on every window and every door or opening in the house, just in case. It’s much easier and safer in Croatia and you don’t have to think about those kinds of things as much. In Canada as well.

Miami would be somewhere in between though, when it comes to being a safe country or place to live, because it is neither completely safe nor very dangerous.
But every place has its ups and downs, pros and cons.

Although I would know that violence could be lurking, I would still go running in the mountains in Jamaica every morning. But whenever a car would pass by I would feel a little bit uneasy because I was by myself, a woman, and young.

We all think that think those kinds of things could never happen to me or my family, but they do, when you least expect it.
That is how our house got robbed in Jamaica as well, even with all of the security measures taken.
Anything is possible, because of someone really wants to do something they will do their best to find a way to get it done.