Episode #38: Tattoo-ing becomes a yearly tradition

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old.
I was with my mom in Coral Gables, Miami walking around coco-walk and when we were walking back to our car I knew that there is a good gelato place to get ice cram along the way and I wanted to stop there.
The closer we got to the ice cream place I realized that my mom was aiming for the tattoo parlor in close proximity instead, and there went my ice cream idea.

We entered in the parlor and although I knew that my mom was planning to get a tattoo (another one because she already had one) I didn’t realize that she was ready to get it NOW. And she looked at me and said “Im going to get this what are you going to get?” ….surprised and a little dumbfounded because I had no expectations or even thoughts of getting a tattoo, I quickly gathered some ideas because I was on the stop and didn’t have much time as the tattoo guy was waiting for me to decide, looked up phrases in different languages on google translate and decided on “Carpe Diem” written in Arabic, primarily because it looked cool.
So my first tattoo was very spontaneous (show the back of my neck) but I still like it, even though “Carpe Punctum” would have also been good, which is seize the moment instead of seize the day, but I didn’t hear that one until recently so it’s a little too late.
I beelive in it though, and I think that I really do try to get the most out of my days and enjoy the moments before the pass by.

So they say that after you get your first tattoo you become a little addicted and want to get more… that might be how I made it up to 5 tattoos in 2 years.
The next summer I went back to Miami and decided I would get a tattoo again in the same place I got the first one, making it a yearly tradition so I wouldn’t get more in between and there would be enough time to decide and be sure of my decision before I got to the parlor.
This time I was feeling more spiritual and got an incan sun on my leg (show it) partly because I have been to peru and stood at the top of sacsayhuaman where the incas worshipped the sun and the sun temple stood before Spaniards destroyed everything, so I didn’t just pull it out of nowhere, and also because of the symbolism, because of believing in the sun and power of nature over some make-believe sky daddy (no offense to anyone I really pulled that phrase I got out of a movie but found it funny) which is more where my religious orientations go anyway.

And then last summer I took my tattoos to a bit of a higher level, getting 3 on my left arm (show) in a matter of a month. One if which I share with my mom, she has this Ankh on the back of her neck, and then an Egyptian feather which compliments the ankh which symbolizes life with balance and hope. Plus the latin quote “Capite ad Calcem” to which I added an “Amorem” to mean with passion and love from beginning to end, all the way through. All of these things together sum up most of the things I think and/or believe and just kinda describe me. But im not planning on getting anymore, I’ve pretty much all I wanted to say and the next time I get a cool idea I can just put it on a social network instead of imprinting it on my body.

I did a similar thing with ear piercings, the first time I pierced my ears I was 16, and then I got another 5 within 2 years adding up to 7 wholes in my ears, and then decided that was enough.