Episode #4: Light bulb!

Some people ask me how I even got to the national team in Croatia, and the answer is that it was pretty spontaneous.

I was in Miami, just gotten back from living in Canada for a year, and one of my teammates at the time had been trying out for the Colombian National team and then it dawned on me that I could probably tryout for a national team since I am so “hella-national”.

I came home from practice that day and asked my mom if there was a Croatian National team, and also asked my dad if there was a Jamaican one all trough  i didn’t expect them to be any good really because Jamaica is a really small country and out of all the times I’ve been there I had never found any women playing soccer other than in high schools, and was informed that the league wasn’t any good.

So my mom hopped onto the internet and started doing some research and found the contact information for the Head coach of the Croatian National team at the time Dean Klafuric. She e-mailed a few people trying to get into contact with him and luckily enough we got a response.
We send him a poorly edited video of me playing and he saw enough potential in it to invite me to a national team camp coming up in April of that year, 2010.
The opportunity excited me and I went for it. Flying all the way to Europe by myself for the first time at the age of 17 as a junior in high school… I was definitely scared in the beginning but the naturally warm Croatian personality made it easier when I got here and settled in.

I spent probably about 2 weeks at the camp trying to make myself stand out and I wasn’t sure how the coaches were going to react, if they were going to accept me and ask me to play for them, or tell me that it was nice to have met me and send me back home?
But a week in I started getting the feeling that I was doing well enough and fitting in with all of the girls and they did ask me to return in September of that year to play in the qualifiers for the European cup!
I was ECSTATIC! That was it, my first real big step to playing in Europe, playing soccer longer and at a different level.