Episode #43: Juggle’ till you can’t juggle no more

Some people have a great juggling technique even though they might not be great soccer players, others are better players but juggling is not their strong suit (subtly implying that I am of that sort).

In this episode Matija and I compete in a juggling competition to see who can juggle the longest. We laugh and joke trying to distract one another – which apparently worked in my case because my feet wouldn’t function in the first round of juggling.

Matija and I were more or less equal, the first round he beat me and the second round I beat him, but little did he know that I had some tricks up my sleeve, literally, and in the third deciding round I blew the crowd away with a few tricks (and by crowd I mean the camera man and Kaitlyn) meanwhile Matija played kong – fu juggling with himself covering the most ground while trying to keep the ball in the air.

At the end, we announced that our new winner is Matija even though Kaitlyn didn’t compete with us because of a leg injury (or maybe she was scared). So all of us have had some time to shine so far because in each competition we have had a different winner.