Episode #46: Missing home while in Europe

I have spent the last 4 years mostly in Europe, sometimes I can go back and visit home more often (either Miami or Jamaica, or both) , but other times over a year and a half goes by since I have left Europe which is the case now. I talk a little bit about how I have gotten used to Europe and time is just flying by, and Kaitlyn also talks about what it is like for her when she travels back and forth from the US to Europe.

In both cases, when we are in the US we get used to being home, but then when we come to Europe we also get used to being here. The worst part for me when I go back to the US though is that after I see all of my friends that I haven’t seen in so long, mostly everyone goes back to doing what they had been doing when I wasn’t there. The spark of my arrival lasts a few weeks, and then it fades once I have been around and seen everyone a few times and then I have nothing to do because I came mostly to see them and not to work or keep busy.

Kaitlyn doesn’t have that problem as much because she has spent less time in Europe overall, and has also been back to the US more often. So she goes home for a few months, sees all of her family and friends, and then comes back to Europe for a few months as well.

Life doesn’t really stop for anyone there nor here, so as time passes everyone is also doing something whether is it chasing their dreams, working, playing sports or travelling. That is kind of the point of the travelers disconnect: while you are in moving, others may seem like they are in place but really their lives are in moving as well. So the best feeling is when after some time has passed we can all still find common ground and things to talk about, but it also happens that friendships can get lost in translation as well.