Episode #47: Free kick shootout

Our free-kick shootout is a combination of joking around but also a serious competition. Unfortunately, neither Kaitlyn, Matija nor myself seem to be experts at free kicks, but at the same time none of us want to lose.

I used to be very good at taking free kicks, I liked to “Bend it ball like Beckham” honestly, and I even used to score goals in games from free kicks. However, I didn’t take them for a long time and once I stopped practicing them I seemed to have lost the magic touch for a consistent quality free kick.

Matija wasn’t able to neither hit the target nor score a goal, and Kaitlyn needed a re-do in order to get the feel for a good shot. Out of the first four to five shots, three were off target including one that didn’t count, and 2 were shot directly into the goalkeeper.

I was our best candidate with one crossbar and one goal, beating my two opponents and proving that we aren’t all that bad at taking free-kicks. With a little bit more practice and consistency, I am sure all three of us could do a better job, but for now I came out the winner best out of 2 shots. Next time maybe we will have a professional goalkeeper to make it even harder!