Episode #48: Why do HNS brand named clothes carry so much weight for Croatians

There are some specific and strong feelings that Croatians have towards soccer clubs, whether it is the one in their home town or the club that they root for, and I noticed that they really seem to be tied to clothes with club team logos.

In Croatia, the national team acronym is HNS and the biggest club in the county is Dinamo, since I have played both for Dinamo and the Croatian National team I have some shirts and equipment with the logos and when my friends see me wearing them they are either very jealous or even ask me if I would give it to them as if it all has a very big worth.

In the US, however, kids in college get so much equipment that a shirt with one college logo is worth much less in society that an original shirt in Zagreb with the HNS logo. I wondered why it is that there is a social difference in behavior towards those material things in both places, and I asked Matija and Kaitlyn what they thought about that.

It turns out that there is a much smaller circulation of material things with specific logos in Croatia than there is in the United States. For example, when you go to an American college and play for a sorts team one of the first things they give you is a bag full of equipment from shirts to socks to cleats to headbands just so that everyone on the team is wearing the same thing and also so that there are more and more people wearing that college logo around town. In Croatia on the other hand, in order for HNS to give you quality and original equipment you practically have to play for the National team for a certain period of time or get lucky that you know someone who has played for the national team and been given some shirts or pants. So not every European club has a plethora of equipment to offer their players, or some are less affluent n general, or maybe even stingy.

May it be noted that when a player in an American College plays for the spirts team part of their tuition probably goes towards buying equipment which would explain why there can be so much of it because one way or anything the players pay for it. But on the other hand European clubs also have funding, some more than others, and it depends mostly on how the club spends their money whether they try to have enough equipment to dress all of their players the same or they recycle old clothes instead to save money.