Episode #67: You Can Dead-lift! A Guide Through The Ultimate Exercise

The Dead-lift is a functional, full-body exercise. If you want to get serious about your physique, it’s time to get serious about adding this
There are many Dead-lift variations that include the Romanian Dead-lift, Sumo Dead-lift and Snatch Dead-lift, but in this video Mia Dilberovic and I show you the basics to the Dead-lift, what things you should pay attention to and which are common mistakes and how you should progress with weights. Once you have this down you can go ahead and try other Dead-lift variations to try and better target other muscles.

Although the movements seem simple, it is very important that you get the technique down properly otherwise adding more weights can very easily lead to an unwanted injury. However, the Dead-lift is one of the few exercises that can really improve your overall power, strength, explosiveness and speed no matter what kind of athlete you are or what sport you practice. It hits your legs, back, core and arms.

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