Episode #70: Natalia Naumoff: International female soccer player portrait

Natalia and I met in Sarajevo, Bosnia a few years ago as we played against each other in Women’s Champion’s League qualifications. I noticed her speaking English on the field and threw myself out there with a “hey!” which caught her attention and after the game we started discussing women’s soccer and how we both got the this point in our careers where we are now.

A year later we spoke a little bit through Facebook and when she asked me if I knew a team that she could tryout for because she wanted to leave Macedonia, i suggested my current team ZNK Pomurje GMT Beltinci. She came, conquered, passed the tryout and we became much closer friends after we began hanging out together for soccer matches, practices and even attending Enrique Iglesias concerts in Zagreb together.
That’s how soccer players make life long friends, and this is her life story: what she does in her free time, what her interests are, what her family is like, and everything that makes a female soccer player from beginning to end. Enjoy, like and share, there are so many of us with similar lifestyles, thoughts, motivations and even struggles!