Episode #74: Bojan Jančar, expert coach behind the success of ŽNK GMT Beltinci

A lot of people contributed to the 5 years and running success of ŽNK GMT Beltinci who dominate the Slovenian league. One of those people, if not the most important one, is coach Bojan Jančar.

When he arrived the team was declining and had bad results, he implemented new coaching theories and took Pomurje from zero to hero in a roughly short period of time. The players, coaching staff and parents adore him because he is a good person with good intentions and coaching skills that are hard to find for women’s teams. Most good coaches who want to make a living decide to work in men’s soccer instead of women’s because of the higher salary.
Unfortunately, coach Jančar recently also switched to a men’s soccer team for reasons he did not explain during this interview, however, he did mention that being a coach is the type of job where you always have to have your bags packed because you never know what kind of changes are coming. Everyone has their path, and we all wish him luck in his further endeavors with him in our thoughts after all the contributed to the Women’s football team ŽNK GMT Beltinci. He has been replaced by Sandi Bauer who is striving in his new position. Take a look at the life and thoughts of a coach who devoted 5 years in women’s soccer and knows the potential that lies in the sport!
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