Episode #8: Adjustments required

While I was in Zagreb my schedule became training and travelling.

I was studying a book in Croatian trying to pass an entrance exam to the academy of dramatic arts for Production, pursuing the theatre techie hobby that I had in high school.
But I didn’t really know enough Croatian yet, and when I had to write an essay in Croatian they told me that it looked like a 13 year old write it in middle school.
But oh well, at least I tried.
I got rejected because I didn’t know enough about Croatian film production and then I got discouraged and had to find an alternative route.

So Journalism was the logic choice (or just coincidence). I got accepted to the Faculty of Political Science as a foreign student without taking any other exams other than the SAT’s which I took in Miami and then didn’t realize that I really liked public relations until I picked it for my major in my third year.

So I had to adjust in the beginning but it worked out even better then planned in the end.