Episode #9: One year later – discovering Futsal

Being a female soccer player in Croatia is tough because woman’s soccer is considered unpopular here; out of the norm, an anomaly, peculiar, crazy, sometimes even wrong.

But that just means that it’s in development… a very slow development…

but developing nevertheless. It’s a good feeling to be part of that track that is bringing woman’s soccer forward in Croatia and trying to make it more noticeable and more popular because attractive attention to the flaws can then hopefully make them better for the younger generations to come. So why not do it twice?
Throw in some Futsal and make it double the fun.

Futsal is a very dynamic sport and if it wasn’t for my friends in outdoor soccer I never would have started playing it.
A players precision has to be much sharper and more ball control is required to be one of the 5 people on a futsal pitch as apposed to the 11 on a soccer field.
The best soccer players in the world like Neymar and Ronaldinho all started playing futsal first before they made it up to the most prestigious teams in the world.

There are few things that satisfy me when i’m playing futsal:
1. I am with a group of people that want to make a name for this sport for women and bring it to the nivou that the rest of europe is on.
2. making my skills better at the same time.
3. is that I am learning and enhancing my knowledge of not just one but two sports now.

When woman’s soccer in Croatia reaches the level and support that is has with men, and maybe even surpasses it like in the United States, then I can say that I took part in it.
And when Woman’s Futsal does the same thing, ill be 2 for 2.