Episode#75: Meet Viktorija: She shows the determination of a wolf

Viktorija Doneva knows what hard work and determination is.
She practices it every day. She comes from Macedonia where women’s soccer is even less popular and less appreciated than it is in neighboring Balkan countries and her hard work and determination has brought her to the international level of play, to the first place team in Slovenia ŽNK TELEING GMT Beltinci, and finally to the opportunity that she got to participate in the qualifying stages for UEFA Women’s Champion’s league. Her path has not been easy as she began playing soccer much later than usual but she stuck with it because she believed in herself and had the support she needed from people around her to assist her through hard times. Viktorija is an example for young girls in Macedonia who want to play soccer and seek opportunities outside of Macedonia. She is among the few Macedonian women who have been successful in doing so. Another example is Natalia Naumoff who began her soccer career in the USA and then after moving to Macedonia participated in UEFA women’s champions league with FC Dragon and then left Macedonia to also play for ŽNK TELEING GMT Beltinci. The Andonova sisters, Natasha and Sijce, one of which played in the German second league and the other plays in Sweden in one for the best club teams in the world, FC Rosengard, and also Gentiana Roci who now plays for Bayer 04 Leverkusen.
Viktorija is also a coach in her free time, transferring her knowledge as a goalkeeper to younger kids, and this is the profession she plans to pursue. Good luck Viktorija in all of your further endeavors!