Episode #53: How athletes make healthy pancakes

Learn how to make pancakes with only 6 ingredients in under 10 minutes!
Mia and I are both athletes and we try to keep our diets healthy, so this recipe helps us satisfy that sweet tooth without making it a cheat meal.

We also put in some Whey protein powder, which is a supplement that is usually consumed after training, but it is not essential. The important part is to have buckwheat flour, milk, a bit of sugar and an egg.

Are you wondering…why buckwheat? Buckwheat flour is a high-fiber, high-protein alternative to white flour and it is also higher in many essential vitamins and minerals making it the healthier choice. It is also easy to find in grocery stores and can be used in plenty of other recipes, some of which we will show you in upcoming videos here!

You will need:
4x tbsp buckwheat
25 ml (0.8 fl oz) of milk
50 g (1.7 oz) brown sugar
1x egg
15 ml (0.5 fl oz) of plain yogurt
90 g (3 oz) whey protein

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