Episode #11: How I almost got away with tricking Adidas

The golden rule is that when you buy soccer cleats they should be fitted to your feet and running shoes should be about half a size bigger. I learned this rule the hard way.

In Miami last year (where I always buy my cleats) I really wanted Adidas predators but I didn’t really like the direction in which their style was going because it was too synthetic, as if they were copying Nike with the fancy colors and getting further and further away from real leather cleats.

I used to only wear predators, I had 8 pairs in a row at least, so i was wearing the same model for practically 5 years.
A lot of players stick to one brand when buying their cleats because we like the way the shoes fit their feet mostly, but sometimes even because we develop an emotional tie to cleats like i did with the Adidas predators.
Soccer players are also suckers for the style of cleats and we usually want to have the coolest looking cleats on the pitch.

Even though I am aware of this golden rule, for some reason with my last few purchases I chose to ignore it and my feet suffered the price for my brains (or lack of brains) mistake.

You would think i would pay more attention the second time around after i already bought cleats that were half a size, to a size too big. but apparently i’m not that smart.

A year after buying cleats too big and wearing them constantly regardless,  I went on a hunt for running shoes. My excuse for why i needed running shoes was because I had just bought new insoles to fix my “limb length discrepancy” -fancy doctor words meaning that one of my legs is longer than the other – so one of my insoles was thicker and they couldn’t fit in regular sneakers. In all of the excitement i made the mistake of ignoring the golden rule AGAIN but the opposite way this time… buying too small instead of too big.

To this day my toes are still being punished for my mediocre shoe – buying decisions.