Episode #61: Let’s see what women’s soccer is like in other countries

Here is the start of something new. After spending a lot of time focusing on the state of women’s soccer in Croatia and things that need to be done to improve it, I asked for feedback from people in other countries who work with women’s soccer teams to see what’s happening over there.

Generally speaking, in Balkan countries things don’t vary very much, meaning that the conditions for female soccer players in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Slovenia are similar. My club team in Slovenia, however, has been working on forming a type of school for little girls and paying attention to younger generations, which is something that has to be done more throughout other countries. Malta, surprisingly, turned changes in women’s soccer into a type of movement and has progressed very much in the past few years, which is good news.

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Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Svatopluk Macek,Gianluca Lia, Marko from Slovenia and the Football Federation of Macedonia for sharing their views, opinions and thoughts with me to contribute to this Hella Offsides video!