Episode #56: Our concerns about women’s football as Balkan Americans

Natalia Naumoff moved to Macedonia from Chicago a year and a half ago. The both of us got together and began talking about women’s football in Croatia and in Macedonia and realized that there are a lot of common denominators.

Natalia and I come from the western world, we both grew up playing football in an environment where it was completely normal for girls to be out on the field. In Europe we realized that this is not normal in every country and we both have the urge to want to fix that.

Women’s football in the Balkans, although there are signs of improvement, seems to take one step forward and then three steps back. Due to the presence of corruption in the system, it’s hard to say that there are a group of people that are purely devoted to doing everything they can to improve the sport for the long run. Other than that issue, the establishment of schools for girls and continuous promotion are enormous steps that need to be taken for there to be visible development. Those are some things we feel are needed for women’s soccer to grow in the Balkans.

If you have any other ideas, or have observed or experienced similar things, let’s talk about it here. This page is our meeting point to discuss what really goes on in women’s football. If we don’t talk about it, who will?