Episode #50: Visiting the best Christmas Destination in Europe

At the beginning of December Zagreb became the most attractive Christmas destination in Europe. In a survey conducted by the web portal European Best Destination, 30,000 people out of 101,000 placed their vote for Zagreb, ahead of other cities such as Vienna which is well known for its Christmas advent.

This year Zagreb shines brighter than ever with its Ice Park located in front of the main train station, where people can enjoy music, skate, eat homemade hotdogs and drink a Croatian Christmas specialty: cooked wine. But this is not the only place where this is possible because alongside that, several other locations all within a close proximity are also decorated with lights and stands selling food and wine, and which are just as interesting.

So something that has been building up for years is now evident. The heart of Zagreb is decorated from head to toe which has made it probably the biggest, and definitely the best Christmas destination in Europe.