Episode #51: Wok – Big on flavor, short on work!

Learning the Wok, or Stir-fry, style of cooking literally changed the way I cook.
To stir-fry simply means cooking chopped up pieces of food in a large skillet on little oil over medium-high heat. It is very simple, easy, healthy because the of nutrients that is preserved and unbelievably tasty.

My roommate and I were introduced to Wok after a chain of restaurants came to Zagreb.
There is a Wok in every major mall so we tried it. Then we soon realized that we were going to the mall just for Wok! So it dawned on us that we should try and make it at home.

Both of us are athletes and have part-time jobs so we rarely have time to spend hours in the kitchen cooking.
Ether we have to run to the gym, to training or to work, there is very little time in between for sleep so you can imagine how we avoid cooking.
Nevertheless, here we wanted to give you a glimpse of how we stir-fry in our kitchen, what vegetables we use and how we make a healthy meal for lunch or dinner in little time.

Enjoy, Bon Apetit!


4x chopped mushrooms
1x shredded carrot
1x chopped white onion
Half of shredded zucchini
1 tsp of curry powder
250 g (10 oz) of pasta